Real estate is a popular investment in California, as it tends to be low risk and can provide opportunity for tax breaks.  However, with more individuals and corporations choosing to invest their money in real property over the stock market, there has been an increase in fraudulent transactions, in turn leading to inevitable disputes.

With 20 years of experience, Hardin Law Group, APC is well-qualified to assist you with any commercial real estate transactions to ensure that your investment is protected. At the same time, if you find yourself in a dispute over a completed transaction, are attorneys are here to help. We are familiar with the intricacies of the real estate market and will work efficiently and effectively to resolve your dispute.

Joint Owner Real Estate Disputes

When dealing with commercially owned real estate, it is typical for there to be more than one owner and, unfortunately, co-owner disputes can be the most difficult to resolve.  This is because if a joint-owner wants to sell the property or change the way the property is being handled, it is impossible to liquidate that co-owners share of the property. In addition, if a party is not willing to give up their share or control of the shared real estate, then litigation may be the only recourse.

Real Estate Fraud

Commercial real estate transactions can result in fraudulent activity. In some cases, the seller chooses not to disclose important details about the property. If the seller hides major foundational issues, like the plumbing not being in working order, then you may be able to file suit.

Additionally, individuals often attempt to sell properties that they have no legal claim to. These types of scams happen frequently in the commercial real estate world and leave the buyer swindled out of their money with no ownership to the property they believed they were purchasing. If you have been the target of a real estate scam, contact Hardin Law Group, APC today for a free case consultation.

Breach of Contract

All real estate transactions in California must include a contract. Our attorneys will ensure that the contract is properly drafted and covers your interests. If the contract is violated due to a party’s inability to fulfill the promised obligation then a breach has occurred and legal action can be taken.

Purchase Agreement Disputes

When purchasing a property from a seller, disputes can arise as a result of different opinions regarding the details of the sales transaction. A purchase agreement covers the terms and conditions regarding the legal obligations that the seller and buyer owe to one another.

Make sure that your rights are protected, call Hardin Law Group, APC today for a free real estate case evaluation.

Neighboring Property Owner Disputes

In commercial real estate, it is not uncommon to deal with boundary disputes over a neighboring property. Property boundaries are outlined on the tax map of a county with clear lines creating separation between each property.

Property Boundary disputes typically arise when an owner of a property begins building without getting approval from the zoning board and a neighbor feels that their property line might be threatened.  These real estate disputes can often be solved outside of litigation, but in certain cases the issues are not always on the path to resolution.  Property boundary disputes can become quickly hostile.

There are many ways to deal with commercial real estate disputes when they arise. Don’t let them affect the potential of your investment by stalling your transactions. Contact Hardin Law Group, APC today.